The AFBA is committed to the following objectives:

– To strengthen professional links between members of the legal profession in Africa

– To maintain the honour and integrity of the legal profession through the promotion of the highest standards of professional ethics

– Encouragement and support of a strong and vibrant independent Bar Association and law societies within member states of the Association

– Encouraging adherence to the Rule of Law and the independence of the judiciary in all member states and continent at large

– Sensitization and awareness campaigns on the usefulness of the legal services to the public in member states

– Improving the standard of legal practice through comparative research into the Laws in Africa and it’s attendant benefits to it’s members

– Protection of Fundamental Human Rights within the member states of AFBA

– Advancement of the Standards of legal practice, rule of law, good corporate governance and protection of Human Rights in the continent

– Promote and support the legal process for resolving international disputes issues, electoral process within the African sub-region