The AFBA has two divisions and several fora which are as follows:

1. Legal Practice Division
2. Professional Interest and Public Division
3. Country Forums
4. Sub regional African forums


The LPD covers all practice areas of law and its objectives are to:

a. Facilitate and develop communication amongst its members within the African region

b. Create a forum for the interchange of knowledge, information, opinions and views amongst its members as regards the practice area of law, practice and professional responsibility relating to the practice of law within Africa with an overview of the worldwide practice.

c. Provide opportunity to all members to actively participate in the division through its sectors, committees, forums and other groups.

d. Undertake such related projects as may be approved from time to time by the division’s council.


This Division includes the Section on Public and Professional Interest (SPPI), the African Bar Association Human Rights institute, the Bar and Bench Issues Commission (BBIC) and the African Bar Research Institute (ABRI).

The PPID provides a wide array of projects, committees, Section forums and other groups which focuses on Social Issues and professional interests that make the practices of law a profession and not just an occupation.

Its objectives are:

a. Promote and support the rule of law and defense of Human Rights within the African region.

b. Facilitate communication amongst member organizations, National organizations and division members.

c. Promote the interchange of knowledge, information and views amongst member organization of the association and its individual members through the activities of the Association within the African Region

d. Create a forum for the inter-exchange of information between the Bar and Bench within the African sub-regions

e. Undertake such related projects as may be approved from time to time.


  • African Women Lawyers Forum
  • Young Lawyers Forum
  • Cross Border Practice Forum
  • Country Forum
  • Sub-regional Forum
  • Bar Leader / Patron Forum
  • Student Lawyers Forum
  • Academic / Research Forum

African Women Lawyers Forum

The African Women Lawyers Forum is a forum for discussion of issues relating to women within the African society and their well being. Women lawyers can also use this forum to discuss issues bordering on legal practice and find ways in which they can improve their practice of the law within the African continent. A Chairperson and Executives will be appointed to manage the affairs of the forum from the various member state.

Young Lawyers Forum

This provides a platform for discussion of issues relating to young lawyers within the African continent, their welfare and method of improving the practice of law. A Chairperson and Executives will be appointed to manage the affairs of this forum from the various member state.

Cross-Border Practice Forum

This is a forum that creates a platform for cross-border practice between lawyers within the African continent. It would also allow for exchange of information, networking and formulation of policies for the continent, and provide a platform to allow lawyers from a jurisdiction work within other jurisdictions within the African continent.

Sub-Regional Forum

There are five (5) sub-regional forums within the African continental region. They would work to set up committees, forums,and sectors which will handle the interests of members, national associations or lawyers having links within that sub-region of the AFBA. They would provide networking opportunities, organize conferences and sessions at conference and produce publications with sub-regional relevance.

The Regions are as follows:

  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa
  • South Africa
  • Mahgreb (North Africa)

The African Bar Association sub-regional committees would be set up with lawyers from within the sub- regions and shall provide a Forum for discussion of Topical Issues within the sub-region to the benefit of its members.


Promote and support the legal process for international issues, election process within the Africa Sub-region.

Country Forums: Forums would be set up with the various African countries which will work to effectively represent the interest of members practicing in or with links to that country. They would provide networking opportunities, organize a conference and sessions for conferences and produce publications with country-specific relevance.

The African Bar Association Country Technical committee would be set up in various countries to handle Africa specific-issues that may arise in the countries.

National Bar Associations/Law Societies or their representatives may be members of the African Bar Association Country Technical Committee.