The news of the shooting of Tundu Lissu, the President of the Tanganyika Law Society was received by the leadership of the African Bar Association with rude shock.Coming against his recent arrest and detention by Security agents in Tanzania,, the latest incident calls for very serious concern.Afba believes that in a democracy like Tanzania, there are acceptable mode of behavior and the shooting of a foremost Lawyer and leader of the free Bar is not only unacceptable but also very provocative. It is also the belief of the African Bar Association that an attack on any Lawyer across the Continent more so any of it’s Bar Leaders is an assault on the Rule of Law and the principles of Democracy and the free world.This vicious attack is an attempt to intimidate and interfere in the sacred duty enthroned to the Legal profession.
The African Bar Association accordingly demands as a matter of urgency that the Tanzanian Government instruct the Security agencies to activate full security cordon around the injured President, carry out an urgent full scale investigation and to swiftly bring the perpetrators of this dastardly and Cowardly acts to justice and account for their Crime.We shall be working with the Tanganyika Law Society in order to ensure that justice is done in this case.
Meanwhile, we commiserate with the Family of our injured Colleague ,the Leadership and members or the Tanganyika Law Society.
The struggle continues. The Bar remains resolute.

SGD.Hannibal Uwaifo

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