The African Bar Association has received the verdict of the Supreme Court of Kenya voiding the Presidential Election conducted by the Election Commission of Kenya on August 8,2017.The apex Court ruled that the Presidential Election was fraught with irregularities and was not conducted in accordance with the Kenyan Constitution. This is coming against the Challenge of the Election results by the opposition party.
Afba believes that this is the rule of Law ,Constitutionality and Democracy in action in Kenya for which the Government and Opposition must be commended for submitting themselves to the due process of Law.Accordingly, Afba urges all players to ensure strict obedience to the Supreme court judgement.
Similarly and against the background of the Violence that greeted the earlier announcement of the now voided Election results, we urge all parties and their supporters to eschew violence and inflammatory remarks that will further aggravate the already tense atmosphere. We need to add that participants at Elections owe serious local and international obligations and the African Bar Association Will not hesitate to move against those who sponsor hate speeches ,disorderly behaviour and Violence.
We shall continue to work with the Law Society of Kenya in ensuring a peaceful Electoral process.
SGD .Hannibal Uwaifo Esq
President of the African Bar Association.

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