The African bar Association received with shock the tragic news of the terrible accident involving School Children in Tanzania. The gruesomeness of the incident is better imagined and has left in it’s trails blood and grief.These fallen future of Africa are heroes and heroines as they made themselves available to be taught to better their lives ,their families, their communities, the Republic of Tanzania, Africa and to make the World a better place.In death their hopes and aspirations remain alive.They have paid the ultimate sacrifice for a better Africa. They have taught us that it is not how long you live but how much you offer.They are Africa’s Angels of hope.Their souls go marching on Afba commiserate with their Families, their communities, their Schools, the Government and people of Tanzania. May their souls rest in Solemn peace.Amen.

Statement issued by the President of the African bar Association, Hannibal Uwaifo

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